Slow Down and Increase Your Quality

Photo by Lhairton Kelvin Costa on

There is something to be said for going slow. But it’s rarely comfortable and doesn’t bode well for most of us who want to get important goals achieved quickly.

But I’d have to say the article posted here – deserves a full read. You should to pause and consider its relevance in our quest to increase our impact on people who join our particular audience.

I know it’s certainly been true of my slow-growing YouTube channel. Some weeks I get several new subscribers, only to lose some a few days later. But the weeks I forget about it and only focus on the video quality or SEO, thumbnails and such, my subscribers tend to stay.

I’m pretty new to being a content creator. And although I’m not afraid of writing, I feel pretty scattered when it comes down to making clear decisions about which direction to take my new found pursuit. There are some topics I can write about because I’ve had experience with them. But sharpening the sword to carve out the best in terms of quality is a difficult new practice to master.

I’d love to hear your experience. Does it get easier to hone our work for quality?

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