How I Wrote A Song Using 1 Corinthians 10:23 For Lyrics

Why do you write scripture songs?

Songs based on scripture provide an easy way to learn the Bible better.  Several years ago I was leading children to sing and remember Bible verses.  What better message to instill in fresh minds and hearts than God is planning great things for your life!  Writing Bible memory songs, or scripture songs aids those wanting to achieve scripture memory.  

How can all things be lawful, or permissible? Really? Is it really that simple? Religious constraints no longer matter? Keep reading and the clarification is apparent.

Here it is: Not everything is profitable, or beneficial. Just because we have the freedom to do whatever we want we need to remember that others are impacted by our freedom. So that is our guardrail – is what I’m doing still expressing love to my neighbor?

If I’m too selfish they are harmed or impacted negatively. If I’m only thinking about myself I will miss the point. Are you with me – yes, you are free – but what you do matters.

How did you get the idea for the tune?

I wanted a cool sound, like you might hear in a cocktail lounge. You might not see that when you hear it. The chords I was looking for I wanted to sound open enough that many notes would be available for the vocal melody. I think I achieved that. The flexibility of the vocal melody suggest the idea of constraints being lifted and singing more freely. To me, ending on a major seventh chord brings it all together. Be free, but be responsible to care for others.

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