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3 Best Ways To Engage An Audience

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3 ways to engage your audience is an article that explains how to engage an audience to increase the power of your presentation or performance.

3 Best Ways To Engage an Audience
  1. Eye contact
    • This may sound like common sense but think about all the times a speaker or performer uses eye contact to engage their audience.  It instantly makes the event more interesting, regardless of the topic.  Even in concerts where the style of music may be unfamiliar, performers who make eye contact always communicate better than those glued to their music or their notes.
  2. Talk to them
    • People want to feel connected to the speaker or performer.  Speaking to your audience is a great way to do this. But to do it well takes some preparation.  Do some research.  What makes your audience unique? What do they like? What do they dislike? Tap into these things to create a more personal connection with them. They will appreciate it. And they will remember you much better too.
    • Tell stories about the songs you are performing. Most people love a good story. Even if the story is about how the song came about, how it was written, or how it got its name.
  3. Thank them
    • Make sure you thank the host and the audience.  It is never a bad idea to thank all the other people who helped but may not be seen in making your presentation or performance possible.  A great way to do this is to use social media.  One advantage of social media is the ability to share so even more people can see your gratefulness,  This helps everyone, the host, the audience, and you.

Do you like most adults feel unprepared to address an audience in a manner that requires public speaking?  Help is available to improve your public speaking skills. Check out this link for more information.

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