3 Reasons Music Helps Us Improve Memory

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As long as I can remember I’ve heard people say that scriptures for memorization, or really anything relating to scripture memory was difficult to master.  Being trained as a musician, I wondered if a tune would help.  Although I’m not the first to try or introduce this, I have learned that people CAN learn and memorize scripture using songs based on scripture, or simple Bible memory songs.

I’ve included an example of one of my scripture songs for worship, a simple memory verse song, part of my daily meditations.  These scripture tunes are not really part of any scripture songs album… yet.

3 Benefits of using music to help us remember:

Minimize Your Stress…

Why is it we can’t seem to remember things without music helping us out?.  Often when studying something head on, we create our own stress.  The reason we can’t remember things is related to the stress in our lives.  Music induces a state of meditation, resulting in relaxing our brains and enhancing memory.   This process actually disengages the brain freeing it from “debris which can impede its memory function.”  

Improve our mood…

There is a part of the brain called the hippocampus.  Music can stimulate chemicals that improve our moods.  When learning something new, an enhanced mood can ease the task.

Allow you to think more clearly…

With less stress and an enhanced mood you can think more clearly.  When this occurs memory improves.

The basic theory of why music can facilitate improved memory and enhanced learning has to do with its ability to generate positive emotions.  Positive emotions generate expectation of reward while negative emotions impair memory.  This is attributed to the hippocampus which mediates both emotions and memory formation.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Mozart Effect or the Vivaldi Effect.  Both are research studies that show when classical music, without words, memory can be stimulated to produce better test scores.  Pleasurable learning can improve test scores.  Positive mood management is real and aids us all in learning and remembering.  I use this idea to write songs that help people memorize scripture.  

How do you use music to improve your mood – or help you remember what you want to learn?




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We are Not Alone, God Surrounds Us

Photo of Jerusalem by Robert Bye

In Psalm 125 there is a promise handed down through the centuries that we are not alone. We are surrounded.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so God, the same God who surrounded His people Israel centuries ago, surrounds us today.

Those who trust in the Lord are are Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever.

The Lord surrounds His people, just as the mountains surround Jerusalem.

Slow Down and Increase Your Quality

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There is something to be said for going slow. But it’s rarely comfortable and doesn’t bode well for most of us who want to get important goals achieved quickly.

But I’d have to say the article posted here –https://simonstam.wordpress.com/2020/09/25/multiplying-your-followers deserves a full read. You should to pause and consider its relevance in our quest to increase our impact on people who join our particular audience.

I know it’s certainly been true of my slow-growing YouTube channel. Some weeks I get several new subscribers, only to lose some a few days later. But the weeks I forget about it and only focus on the video quality or SEO, thumbnails and such, my subscribers tend to stay.

I’m pretty new to being a content creator. And although I’m not afraid of writing, I feel pretty scattered when it comes down to making clear decisions about which direction to take my new found pursuit. There are some topics I can write about because I’ve had experience with them. But sharpening the sword to carve out the best in terms of quality is a difficult new practice to master.

I’d love to hear your experience. Does it get easier to hone our work for quality?

Why Memorization Makes You Love Being Smarter


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How important is memorization?

Memorization trains our brains to remember things.

Memorization challenges our brains

Learn two verses with a song: easier than you think… Try it!

So what do you think? Is it doable? What other things can music help you learn? I’d love for you to comment. This is an amazing way to impede the decay of mental acuity.

Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I’m a musician – one of the perhaps millions who works a normal day job, but knows they were born to make music, to create – and to share that joy and creativity with the world. That’s who I am.

I am here to share my songs in hopes that they will lift you up, like your own personal elevator. Those songs can be heard on YouTube at this link: http://youtube.com/channel/UCHXRI5tkKvRuHIEBIJujmvA

I began writing songs based on scripture from the Bible back in the 70s. I was in a church in those days that didn’t sing hymns, so the Bible seemed like a reasonable source for the right words to sing our declaration of faith. Little did I know that 40 years later, they would continue to lift up people, starting with me, to keep looking to God as life takes us through its seasons.

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