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Contact Jim Snedeker Music can be done right here by filling out this form. Expect a reply within 24 – 48 hours.

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    Jim Snedeker Music is a website and youtube channel featuring the music Jim Snedeker. Today Jim is involved in finishing a beginner guitar lesson curriculum, playing as many open mics as he can, and recording covers on his youtube channel.

    He got started long ago, as a boy, when he sang a solo in church. It didn’t take long for Jim to realize singing was all he ever really wanted to do. But life seems to have had other plans for Jim. He learned to play drums well enough to play in a few bands as a teenager and post-college, too.

    Jim spent his 20s substitute teaching, playing guitar and singing in a few more bands, playing an occasional coffee house gig, even acting in semi-professional theatre. Near 30, Jim settled down and got married, putting a slow halt to his musical dreams. The main way Jim stayed active in music was to play guitar mostly, some piano too, and sing at church. Because he’d majored in music, it was not difficult for him to pick up whatever was needed to be done when it came to church music, provided it was at least contemporary.

    Hire me! I’ll record your male vocal for $5