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Feel the Magic – Live Music That Lifts You Up

Feel the magic
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Feel the Magic – Live Music That Lifts You Up features a live concert performance by Jim Snedeker.  It was performed on July 21 from 6:30 – 8 pm at Berryville, Virginia. About 50 people attended this concert.  The weather was perfect and the audience responded well to Jim’s music.  Watch the video to enjoy the concert from the edge of the stage.

Live Music that lifts you up

Berryville Main Street Park is not your typical live music venue.  There is an old-fashioned gazebo near the back of the park surrounded by a naturally occurring amphitheatre.  The gazebo has also been updated to include power outlets.  Combined with the serenity of the park live music is at home here.

Jim has played all over northern Virginia since his retirement in 2021.  He started playing open mics and has expanded to wineries and breweries throughout the region.  In an area packed with talented musicians and lots of great live music today, Jim often fills in when cancellations occur. 

Jim plays classic singer-songwriter hits from the 60s onward.  The artists he covers range from James Taylor to John Legend and even Dua Lipa.  But you can also count on hearing The Beatles, Gordon Lightfoot, Billy Joel, The Eagles, Credence Clearwater Revival too.  Jim’s piano playing adds to the “Feel the Magic – Live Music that Lifts You Up ” variety aspect of his performance with songs like “Desperado” and “Piano Man”.  His most recently added songs are “Ventura Highway” by America and “I’ve Got A Name” by Jim Croce.

Jim‘s main criterion when choosing a song to learn is always the melody.  A strong melody always evokes memories of times in the past, what you were doing, and who you were with, and more of than not, helps people relax.  Jimi plays the music that lifts you up.  There’s nothing quite like an old song that can do that so readily.

Improvements in his repertoire have been suggested by his fans.  Love songs have pretty tunes, but in order to dance, or clap along with the beat, he is seeking more get-up-and-move songs also. 

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