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Hear my music presents songs I’ve written and recorded over the years. You can hear all my music for free! The table below lists songs I have written as far back as the mid-70s. I mostly used Bible verses for the lyrics because Contemporary Christian Music was a rarity at that time. Some are more current and contain a more standard verse and chorus. Check out the video that corresponds to the scripture verse. Scrolling down this page takes you to the recordings I have completed.

ScriptureFree Video Recording
Psalm 25:12-15Who Is The Man?
Psalm 25:21- Let Integrity Preserve MENo More Lies
Psalm 28:6, 7; 30:4With My Song I Shall Thank Him
Psalm 57:7-9Awake My Glory Awake
Psalm 109:30,31: 16:8I will not be shaken
Psalm 123: 1, 2To Thee I Lift Up My Eyes
Psalm 125I’m Surrounded
Psalm 130: 3-8Who Could Stand?
Psalm 145:14-16The Lord Sustains All Who Fall
Isaiah 43:18, 19, 25Behold I Will Do Something
Isaiah 53:5, Galatians 2:20He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions
Isaiah 66:1, 2To This One I Will Look
Jeremiah 32:27, 39, 41; 33:3Anything Too Difficult?
Ezekiel 36:9, 19, 36, 37
Matthew 11:28-30I Will Give You Rest
Matthew 22:36-39Psalm 90, Matt. 22. Medley
John 1:12Those Who Believe
John 12:24,15:7If It Dies
Romans 1:16, 5:8, 5:1
Romans 8:32He Did Not
Romans 15:13, John 16:24Hope
1 Cor. 10:23-25: 31-33Whatever You Do
1 Cor. 15:57, 58 & 3:8
2 Cor. 5:17
Ephesians 2:10God’s Workmanship
Philippians 4:6, 7
2 Peter 1:3He Has Called Us, Medley
2 Peter 3:9 1 Tim. 2:5, 6Slow Promise?

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I’ve also included the lyrics on this page. I write from personal experience. People close to me inspire me with their stories and writing can help me understand them better. When that happens I can support them better. Songwriting for me offers an opportunity to write what I’m feeling. Hear my music and see if you can relate. What do you do to process the events in your life? Can I suggest writing?

The Best Is Yet To Come 
Caught up in this daily grind 
To get ahead I’m falling way behind 
Deep within I feel alone 
It’s time to shed this empty life I’ve known 
Searching for a better way My heart turns to the Son 
‘Cause there upon His holy page 
He promises The best is yet to come 
He knows the plans he has for me 
Plans for good - not calamity 
To give me a future and a hope eternally 
As I follow on this quest 
I realize the best is yet to come. 
Set my mind on things above 
Then I know I’m anchored in His love 
Here in time by faith I see 
Where I go when this world’s through with me 
Heaven is the place God made 
To live with His dear ones 
All my sins His blood has paid 
To follow Him The best is yet to come 
For all His goodness He cannot hide 
Don’t miss His purpose - eternal life. 
Only God has passed this test 
Trust in Him He’ll do the rest 
I suggest the best is yet to come. 
©1996 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP
To Thee 
To Thee I lift up my eyes O Thou who art enthroned in the heavens 
Behold as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master 
As the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress 
So our eyes look to the Lord our God 
So our eyes look to the Lord our God 
Until He shall be gracious to us. 
©1977 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP
With My Song 
Blessed be the Lord because He has heard the voice of my supplication
The Lord is my strength and my shield, 
my heart trusts in Him and I am helped. 
Therefore my heart exults 
with my song I shall thank Him. 
Sing praise to the Lord you his godly ones 
and give thanks to His holy name. 
©1978 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP
Between Tears And Dancing 
Somewhere between tears and dancing is where I live today 
All that was sure is no more since you turned and ran away 
From the faith I thought you believed 
From the dreams I thought you could see. 
Though my heart breaks just saying your name, 
for your return I wait 
'til then between tears and dancing is where I live today 
Somewhere between tears and dancing I know I’m not alone 
Though I can’t see Him with me yet my way is not unknown 
To the One hearing my cry 
For the one He gave up His life. 
Longing for when He’ll come back again to welcome His children home 
‘til then between tears and dancing I know I’m not alone. 
Between the tears of the Cross 
And the dancing we’ll do up in heaven, 
We are no strangers to loss 
In this sad world we are livin’ 
Though my heart breaks just saying your name, 
for your return I wait 
‘til then between tears and dancing is where I live today 
‘til then between tears and dancing I know I’m not alone. 
©1998 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP 
Every Good Thing 
Every good thing bestowed 
and every perfect gift is from above 
Coming down from the Father of lights 
in whom there is no variation or shifting shadow
in whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.. 
©1977 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP
Lord I Pray For Grace 
Lord I pray for grace to follow you wherever you may lead 
As I look up on the cross and see how you had to bleed 
To save me from my sin ,to bring me home to God, to give my life no end. 
I marvel when I see how you freely gave all you had to give 
Your life, your love, your future too, your all that I might live 
Forever in the light, 
to free my soul from strife, 
You gave your only life. 
Simple praise and tears I give to you for what this victory means 
Only by your blood this filthy soul of mine is clean 
Lift up my voice to him, thank Him, there's no sin He can't heal within. 
Lord I see the road ahead and I know your path is thin 
So now I ask you once again 
to help me run for you that I might win 
And give you all the praise, 
that I might live my days, 
only following your ways.
Now I hear the world outside and what they have to say 
How they think that it's a shame that I should throw my life away 
To One they cannot see, 
the Lord who died for me, 
then rose again on Calvary. 
Lord I see the road ahead and I know your path is thin 
So now I ask you once again to help me run for you that I might win 
And give you all the praise, 
that I might live my days, 
only following your ways. 
©1977 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP
His Mission Possible 
People in this world are hurting everywhere 
Seems to make no difference rich or poor 
Man left on his own is still without a prayer 
Where’s the hope he needs to find the door? 
Some of us have far too many reasons 
Why we’re not the ones to show the way 
Truth comes calling only for a season 
Who will hear the seeker on that day? 
We’ve been called. Will we go? 
So that all the world will know 
God is true He’s alive Died for you to shine His light 
Fulfill His Mission possible 
Proclaim His truth unstoppable 
Share His victory 
Fulfill His Mission possible 
Proclaim His truth unstoppable 
Christ is all we need 
We the church have tasted of God’s kindness 
Saved to be His witness to this age 
Open up the eyes of those in blindness 
Dare to see by faith the gift of grace 
Sent out as ambassadors for Jesus 
Representing Him in everything 
Living in this world we feel our weakness 
Strengthened by His love and truth we sing 
©1997 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP
Fixing My Eyes On You 
Like a potter shapes the clay, like a sculptor cuts the stone 
Mold me to Your image ‘til Your glory shows 
Like a servant to his king, like a maiden to her queen 
I will look to You O Lord while I have my being. 
Fixing my eyes on You
Finding my life in 
You Opening my heart and soul 
In Your presence I am whole 
Fixing my eyes on You 
Though I cannot see Your face nor the shadow of Your form 
Yet Your love and mercy guide me through the storm 
‘Til I feel Your gentle touch 
and I follow in Your ways 
Knowing You will show Yourself 
wholly I obey 
©1994 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP

I Know That I Know 
Have you ever pondered how the problems in your life 
Could be the very things to bring you closer to Christ? 
Now and then it's crossed my mind the storms I struggle through 
Could be the surest way to find that God alone is true. 
I don’t know why our loved ones go 
When it seems like we need them the most 
I‘m not sure why we must endure 
When it feels like we’re losing all hope 
But I know that I know 
I know that I know 
Yes I know that I know 
Our God works for good in all things. 
Have you ever wondered why the Savior died in shame? 
All alone the world could see His weakness and His pain 
Now and then it’s crossed my mind why God held back His hand 
To obey through suffering we know He understands. 
I don’t know why trouble would show Its ways to the kindest and best. 
I can’t see why their lives should be Harder than all of the rest 
This is the hope of all who believe 
No matter, my friend, what happens to me 
When He returns - most powerful king 
On that day I will stand up and sing. 
©1997 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP
The Promise 
You said that you first fell for me when I forgot the words 
And noticing your empathy my heart began to stir 
Who’d have thought that what we felt that day so long ago 
Would build a bridge between us for love to bloom and grow?
I like being with you 
When all alone it’s just us two 
Of all of the things I do 
You know I’d rather be with you 
honey, you’re all the love songs my heart has ever sung 
Loving you through my thick and thin keeps the promise ever young. 
It hasn’t been an easy thing to keep this flame alive 
Feelings fade and weakness brings to light a darker side 
Who’d have thought that what we lose we’d find along the way? 
With hearts that beat together I’m still here to say 
I’m amazed once again 
When we look to Him 
Love can grow through thick and thin 
©1997 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP
Laughing In The Dark 
The day that you were born I never will forget 
The sky was crystal clear and the weather warm and wet 
Summer in the springtime what a welcome change 
Just like how your life has brought me sunny days 
You chase away my clouds 
You prove the things I doubt 
You’re healing to my heart 
You got me laughing in the dark 
Heart so true Eyes so blue See right through me - Emily. 
Searching for the truth just like the FBI 
No one gets away once they have caught your eye 
Honesty can set you free and love can conquer fear 
Must be your integrity that makes me want to cheer 
©2001 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP
No Good Without You 
Long ago there was a shepherd boy 
Conquered kingdoms with God's help employed 
A man after God's heart he would become 
His battles faith had won 
Though he knew the thrill of victory 
This mighty man sang and danced so free 
God was his portion - he said it was true 
That he had no good without you.
Years had passed there came another man 
Sent from Heaven to teach us God's plan 
To seek and to save all who were lost 
At such a desp'rate cost 
From His miracles their lives were cured 
So the people hung on every word 
Just As He healed them - He'd say it was true 
That he had no good without you. 
Saved by grace with Trusting faith 
Not from ourselves that no one should boast 
How can we boast 
When those who've done the most 
say there is no good without you. 
'don't know fame I'm just an average guy 
I'm so blessed sometimes I wonder why 
'Til I recall the God who loves me 
This blind man now can see 
Yet in all this good I have to learn 
I could never do enough to earn 
All the Lord gives me I know that it's true 
Lord I have no good without You. 
©1995 by Jim Snedeker, ASCAP