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How I Wrote a Song For Psalm 25

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How I Wrote A Song for Psalm 25 teaches you a simple approach to writing a song using scripture.

Identify what verses to use as lyrics

Read over the verses till you are familiar with them.  Most of Psalm 25 is a prayer where the writer would like to be forgiven, depending on the holiness of God to make a way.  Requesting God to lead and transform the writer’s life is a wonderful pattern for all of us to consider.  But in verse 12, things change.  He asks a question.  The text moves from a prayer of supplication to a more conversational tone. That’s where I settled on the words to this song.

Desire to memorize specific verses – you can add to it later.  I settled on verses 12-15 because I see a question and a response – something to hang onto.  Verses 12-15 describe what a person who fears the Lord does He looks to the Lord for guidance, and for life overall,

Identify characteristics of the words – how I wrote a song for Psalm 25

Do they suggest a rhythm?  If so, a melody may be easier to find. You want the melody and the rhythm to complement each other.  This can take a little more work than if you were writing the lyrics yourself.  

What are the words you want to emphasize?  This can make the whole song easier to learn and memorize – that’s our goal!  

Write a singable melody.

It makes the words easier to memorize and sing.  Put keywords where the melody peaks as a way to draw them out musically

Spend the time to make it simple and easy to learn. For Psalm 25 I came up with a melody that moves up and down the scale sequentially.  For the chorus which is higher in pitch I followed the same pattern.

Keep Learning.  Learning from others is always helpful to you and your audience.

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