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How I Wrote A Song using Matthew 11 for Lyrics

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How I Wrote a Song

Why would anyone do this?

I wrote a song because I wanted to help others including myself remember these meaningful words. Songs based on scripture provide an easy way to learn the Bible better.  Sometimes scripture songs for worship have a more transcendent purpose helping people to focus better on God.  Writing Bible memory songs, or scripture songs aids those wanting to achieve scripture memory. 

Words matter

Think of some words that have changed you. Perhaps it was a speech or simply an affirmative comment from a friend or someone you love. This is how some words from the Bible affect me. They move me toward something better, someplace I can go, some way I can be a better version of myself. For me. words like those often become the lyrics to go with a tune and end up becoming another story of how I wrote a song.

It’s important that scripture tunes support the words being sung.  One of the best ways to do this is to speak the words naturally as if you were talking to your friend.  That’s how I can say I wrote a song. Do you hear any pitch variations as your voice sounds higher or lower emphasizing some words over others?  What about rhythm?  Do you feel a 3 beat or a 4 beat common pulse?

Why these verses?

The words of Jesus have a special impact in our current world. Whether it’s the COVID crisis, an uncertain future, fear, depression, or just plain anxiety, Jesus’ words still bring hope to us in our troubles thousands of years after they were spoken.  Consequently selecting a major key and weaving in minor chords for impact and color can calm emotions and enhance memory as the music reminds us of the words. You can do this and then you’ll be able to say you wrote a song.

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