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How To Add Notes in MuseScore 4

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MuseScore 4 has some easy ways to add notes. I show you how to do that in this article and video.

I’m starting with my cursor in measure 27. Then turn on Note Entry using the “N” key. You can also click on the N at the top left. Choose the value of the notes in the D7 chord. A half note is keyboard number 6. Or just click the half-note icon on the top of the screen. A dotted half note is 3 beats. Next, I play the notes on my MIDI keyboard. Remembering to turn off note entry is really important. That’s because I want to tie these same notes and make the value 3 and 1/2 beats. Highlight the notes you want to tie FIRST, then click the tie icon at the top of the screen. Now you can see how the notes are tie.

Then I’ll use a G chord and tie those notes for 4 and 1/2 beats. Notice I’m using a 2nd inversion G. That chord starts on D. Notice the steps are the same as we did with D7. MuseScore 4 has a couple ways to do this.

Don’t forget to check out my free MuseScore Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet!

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