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How To Change Instruments in Musescore

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I started by searching for “Thunder Road” in the search bar where it says “search for sheet music”.  I’m searching for this song because I received a request to play it this summer at a winery.  But, I don’t know it, so I’m on a journey to learn to play it.

I used the lead sheet version because it has chords, the harmonica lead notes, and lyrics with the melody included.  Thanks are due to “SPANIPAPA” for this score arrangement. 

The first thing I do to review the score is to listen to it.  This can be done by clicking the right-pointing arrow that looks like a “Play” button.  I realized I’m not a fan of the Choir-Aahs-Expressive” sound so I wanted to change that to something that makes the melody easier to hear.  For me, I like a simple piano sound.

To change the instrument, I click on “View” on the top menu bar.  Then I check “mixer”.  I see the instruments the arranger has selected and realize the “Choir-Aahs-Expressive” has been assigned to the melody.  I click on it and a window opens listing all the possible choices for instruments.  I go all the way to the top and select “Grand Piano”.  While I’m here I also change “stemme” to “melody” to remind me which instrument track I changed. 

With the Musescore program open on the screen, I also showed how to drag the score to move it across the screen.  This allows for the opening of “Palettes” needed for other editing tasks.  Another way to move the score is the use the Navigator.  It is selected by clicking “View”, then “Navigator”.  It appears on the left side of the screen at the bottom.  It contains numbers matching to the number of pages in the score.  Clicking on the number takes you to that page.

If you use the “Palettes” expanded, keep in mind it can cover up the Navigator.  This would impede your ability to page through the score.  But You can simply drag it up toward the top of the screen to solve that.

I also noticed a mistake in the lyrics.  To fix that I use Cmd-L on my Mac, (Cntl-L on a Windows PC) to mark and edit the lyric.  The word “ahome” doesn’t really fit. “Alone: makes more sense.  This and other keyboard short cuts are available here.  It’s my free gift to you as a way to say “thank you” for allowing me to serve you with these tips. Now you know how to change instruments in Musescore.

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