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How To Download MuseScore 4

MuseScore 4
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How to download MuseScore 4 is a brief on-screen tutorial showing the user what it looks like to go through the process of downloading and installing the program.

To download MuseScore 4 we start out in MuseScore 3. The first step is to open MuseScore 3.5. I double-click on the application name and it loads. You will notice the start center. You can close that. Our message says we have a new update which is MuseScore 4. Don’t click “OK”. That closes the dialog and cancels the opportunity to load our new program.

When you click on the blue link, Notice the right-hand top of the window. The new MuseScore update will download. Now you can find it in your Downloads folder. It should be the first entry, called “Muse_Hub”. When I double-click that file name up pops the graphic that shows us what to do Just drag the top icon, labeled Muse_Hub, into the bottom icon, labeled “Applications”. Then quit MuseScore. If you experience difficulty closing the program, it’s because it’s already running.

You may notice “MuseScore 4” already listed in your Applications folder. When you double-click the file name the program will load. Notice the tabs at the top of the screen on the left. On the Home tab, if you have a MuseScore account, your user name will be listed, followed by whatever scores you have in the MuseScore folder.

Opening the Scores tab displays scores loaded earlier. The interface is different from version 3.5. Everything is shown on this page without having to use the “file”, “open” approach from earlier versions. Even though the interface has many updates there is a great benefit preserved from every shortcut or trick learned in an earlier version of the program. The keyboard shortcuts still work. In fact, I offer a free cheat-sheet with many of the most common shortcuts that are helpful to keep handy to save time transcribing music.

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