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How To Load Files to BOSS RC-3

Boss RC-3
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How to load files to BOSS RC-3 will show you the steps to follow to complete this task.

In this video, I want to show you how this little device works. It’s the  Boss RC-3.

To give you some context, let me tell you a little bit about my application. I play live. I play guitar and sing. And what I like to do is have some rhythm behind me. So this little Boss RC-3, (also being a phenomenal Looper, which I have so much more to learn about), I use in my setup and my application just for beats.

10 Steps for Success – to follow along with in the video.

  1. Turn on power by inserting the cable into the left side of the RC-3.

First, I’m gonna plug it in and that’s pretty simple to do. I’m actually plugging that cable in on the left side. You see those lights blinking? (Refer to the video.) All right. So the point of this video is to show you how to move files from the Boss tone studio software into the RC-3 itself.

2. Start Boss Tone Studio for RC software

The Boss Tone Studio for RC software is a free download from BOSS. So what we’re gonna do here now is, is fire up this Boss utility. There it is. (You’ll want to check the video, “How To Load Files to the BOSS RC-3” to follow along.).

3. Plug the USB cable into the back of RC-3.

Then what we’re gonna do is plug our USB port into the back of our Boss RC-3.  You’ll see in the window, the letters “CN”, which are short for “connected”.  Okay. So I’ve got the thing I’ve got the device plugged in.

4. Click “Export”.  This shows what is already on the RC-3 device. 

I wanted to show you an Export. What exactly are we looking at here?  So this window and the center of the screen, actually show you what’s already on the RC-3. Okay. So there’s a file. (You’ll want to check the video, “How To Load Files to the BOSS RC-3” to follow along.).

All these files I have either moved already or produced in some other way, but they all reside on the device itself.  So what we wanna do is find a new beat. So let’s take a look here at this “Soul Collection 2”.  And, it loads up, now, just to show you what we got available in this particular collection.  We’ve got six files.

5. “Play”.  You should hear sound through your computer speakers.

While not shown in the video, it’s a good idea to make sure the sound you chose is the one you like.

6. Download the file.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at this. So, now I’m gonna click “download”. Now, watch this. The window has expanded and we see memory slot nine is empty.

We’ve got track one available. I highlight it. I click “download” and what’s happening is this software now is copying that track from the Boss Tone Studio onto the device itself.  So we finished our download. Now we go and we check. Look, there it is big as life, just to make sure that we got what we wanted.  We’re now looking at our device itself. We look at our next track. I select “wave”. We select number nine and look, there it is. (You’ll want to check the video, “How To Load Files to the BOSS RC-3” to follow along.).   There’s the track that we just downloaded. So I wanted to show you that, and those are the basic steps. 

7. Play – check the file you downloaded to make sure it’s the one you wanted.

8. Quit Boss Tone Studio for RC software

When we’re done, we close the software.  It’s important to do these in order. That’s why I go through them like I do to show you this screen.

9. Unplug the USB cable

Then we unplug the RC-3 itself. We unplug that USB port. You’ll see. When I do that, I see a couple of letters in the window, “dc”.

10. Press “Rhythm On/Off” on RC-3.

I press the “Rhythm” and “On/Off” buttons. It takes me back to my original track. I unplug the unit and I’m all done.

Conclusion – How To Load Files to the BOSS RC03

That’s how to move files from the BOSS Tone Studio to the RC-3.  Thanks so much for joining me. 

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