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How To Play Songs On Boss RC-3

Boss RC-3
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Why would you need to do this? What is the reason?

How to play songs on Boss RC-3 reveals another great use for this looper. You can play songs enhancing your live repertoire and making you a more versatile performer.

  • The Boss RC-3 is a looper. Looping is a great way to embellish your one instrument live performances by adding melodic lines and phases on top of your basic song accompaniment.  But it has other uses which are incredibly useful also.
  • Sometimes I get a request to provide more accompaniment than only my guitar.  It may be one of my own songs. 
  • The fundamental advantage of this solution is that I can play back a whole song without having to have a computer or separate, additional device in my performance rig.

What it looks like when you’re done

  • Listen to it with an amp and speakers
  • When you perform, your customized track only plays the instruments or vocals not included in the full track you used as your source.

How to prepare to play back a song on Boss RC-3?

  • Use a song in GarageBand, for example – or the DAW of your choice.
    • Create or modify a track, also referred to as a phrase on the Boss RC-3, to play only the instruments needed in the accompaniment
    • Mute the vocals on the computer when I play back the track 
  • Output from computer to Boss RC-3
    • Use a stereo mini plug between the computer and plugged into the AUX IN jack on the RC-3.
  • Connections between computer and Boss RC-3
    • Use a stereo mini plug between the computer and plugged into the AUX IN jack on the RC-3.  Refer to the RC-3 Loop Station Manual on page 6.
  • Boss RC-3 in “record” mode
  • Write the track into Boss RC-3 memory – a phrase.  Refer to page 8 of the user’s manual. 
  • Notice the dot on the bottom right side of the window that lets you know that phrase has data.

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