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How to promote music to get more streams

how to promote music to get more streams
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1. Make sure your music is the best it can be.

How to promote music? Make your very best songs and recordings!. This is obvious. No one wants to be passed over because they missed out on less than their best production efforts.

2. Build a website & mailing list.

This is so important today as social media platforms belong to private companies who exist for their own purposes and not the folks who use them. They can disappear and the artist has nothing to show for all their hard work. Your email subscribers are your fans. They are your shortest path to money in the bank.

3. Know your audience & focus on your niche.

What is your style of music? What do your fans like? Is there a match? There must be. How to promote music means you know what it is so you won’t miss out on fulfilling your opportunity. Here’s some songwriting help.

4. Develop an engaging social presence – how to promote music

Use social media, especially the platform your fans use the most. Don’t get overwhelmed by doing too much and spreading yourself too thin. Best idea is to plan and pace yourself so you can keep up with your major goals while posting what helps your fans.

how to promote music to get more streams
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5. How to Promote Music – Get playlisted.

Here’s another way to promote music to get more streams. But watch out for scams. But realize this can really help get your music heard by the right audience. In order to succeed at this, practice #8 on this list.

6. Get press & blog coverage to promote your music.

Still important today. Much of the text gets copied and distributed online, so it’s a good way to go to work this angle as well.

7. Create Music videos

I know this is a lot of work to do well. But as your influence grows and people want to help you do something, this could be just the thing to expand your reach. And it’s a great way to promote your music.

8. Surround yourself with a strong team.

Get people around you who build you up. Those who like your songs and what you are doing are the best folks to get on your team.

9. Play live often & make an impact.

Keep learning new songs, covers, and originals. There’s nothing like a live performance to get you out there working the crowd, being authentic. What they see is what they get. And this can also bring you new fans beyond just streaming. Start here.


To summarize, the order you do these things may vary. But you really must do them to promote your music and get more streams. Don’t make perfection your goal. Just get started and keep going. You will improve and your streams will increase.

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