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How To Use BOSS AD 10 Looper

boss ad 10 looper
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The BOSS AD 10 Looper is an acoustic preamplifier designed to help guitarists achieve their best sound regardless of room acoustics. This post will highlight how to use it. The following video is a good place to start

BOSS AD 10 Looper

To begin press the two knobs on the right at the same time. The buttons are labeled “Delay” and “Tuner & Loop”. Notice the red light is blinking on the Loop button. This means the AD 10 is in standby mode.

Record your first phrase

Pressing the button again changes it to recording mode. What you play now will be recorded.

When you press the button again it stops and “PL” shows up in the little window. The “Tuner & Loop” knob will display a green light indicating the phrase recorded will play back.

Add another phrase

To begin overdub mode, press the same button again. Now whatever you play will be recorded over your initial phrase. When you record you hear your first phrase being played back and you play along with it.

When complete, pressing the button again will switch the looper to playback mode again and you will hear both phrases you have recorded.

Be careful that when you play the unit is in the correct mode or you may end up with no recording!

When the button light shows yellow, you are in overdub mode. Now when you play it will be recorded.

Enjoy your result

Adding another phrase gives you 3 parts to playback.

To stop playback, press the button twice as shown in the video.

One difficulty is not being able to delete the last recorded overdub phrase. If you hear too many mistakes on an overdubbed phrase, unfortunately, you need to start completely over.

To clear the music already recorded, hold the “Tuner & Loop” button down for a few seconds. When you see “CL”, all phrases have been erased.

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