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How To Use Roland Cube Street EX With A Mixer

roland cube street ex
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How to use Roland Cube Street EX with a mixer describes how to use inputs and adjust levels when your number of singers and instruments exceeds the number of inputs available.

I bought the Roland Cube Street EX last fall.  It’s perfect for the kind of performance I do. My typical performance is usually just me singing and playing my guitar.  For that the amp is ideal.  But when an opportunity arises to include some harmony singers in my performance it’s easy to run out of inputs fast.   

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How I Test It – how to use Roland Street EX

For my application, I use three microphones.  Two mics are phantom powered, one is direct, not requiring phantom power.   I’m going to show you how I set these up for live performance.  I test everything at home first so there are no surprises when it’s actually show time.  

For this test, I set up the speaker in front of the mics, facing outward and away.  This keeps feedback down to a minimum while I adjust the knobs on the mixing board.  Practice makes how to use the Roland amplifier easier. How to use the Roland Cube Street EX can be demonstrated with a test.

Phantom-powered microphones are sensitive due to having extra power.  This means that caution is important using the “Peak” and “Gain” adjustments.  Raise the levels too high and you will hear possibly ear-piercing feedback.  It’s a good idea to adjust these slowly to assure proper settings are established.

Direct-powered microphones are easier to adjust and more lenient in how their levels produce feedback. Most live applications use direct-powered microphones for that reason – easier to adjust. How to use Roland Cube Street EX depends on the type of microphones in use.


Check that you power up and down your equipment in the right order.  This is important because mistakes can damage your equipment.  I do this by plugging everything in first.  Then I power up the amplifier with all dials turned to the left so they are off.  Next, I turn on the mixer making sure all the channel strips are at zero, and turned all the way to the left.  

Slowly increase volume for Line-In. How to use Roland Cube Street EX consists of adjusting settings that may impact phantom power.  At the mixer, I raise the “Peak” and “Gain” gradually.  Then I test the mic before I hear feedback, hopefully.  As I add each microphone I leave the others on.  I continue to adjust the knobs on the mixer if feedback presents itself.

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