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How You Can Love To Play Every Guitar Note

girl plays guitar notes
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What if I could show you how you can love to play every guitar note? Recently we covered notes on the high E string. And now I’d like to show you how to apply what you learned to the other strings also. But first, let’s review. We start by checking the visuals provided on this page. And then just go one string at a time.


Start with the open strings

Here’s where we get more specific. Last week I posted a video and article about playing notes on the first string, called E. And this week we’ve got five other strings to cover. But first, let’s review the open string names.

open strings
Open notes on the open string

It’s important to notice on the open string there are two notes called the same name but placed an octave apart. The octave is visually seen here as 12 frets. That’s all you need to remember for now.

Let’s try the first string

notes of the first string
Notes on the 1st string

The 1st string is the thinnest string – farthest from you if you play righthanded. Play each note slowly, using a pick, and say the name of the note as you play it. This not only helps you remember the note but also trains your ear.

Same practice for the second string

Continue what you did on the first string now on the 2nd string. And remember to take your time. This is not a race. Play the note, let it ring, say the name. Because you’ve got this.

notes on the 2nd string
Notes on the 2nd string

Good! When you finish the second string, do the same steps for the third string.

notes on the 3rd string
Notes on the 3rd string

You’ve reached half way!

You’re making progress. You are starting to see patterns and your tone is improving. You’ve reached the midpoint. Take a break. Come back and keep going.

notes on the 4th string
Notes on the 4th string

Great! You’re back. I will remind you again this process of learning the names of the notes is not a race!..While it is possible to learn to play the guitar without memorizing names of the notes, learning to do so now will only help you advance more efficiently later in your learning process.

Same as before, play the string, let it ring, and say out loud the name of the note you are playing.

notes on the 5th string
Notes on the 5th string

Now you’ve got the hang of this. Are you understanding how you can love to play every guitar note? Because of repetition and not trying to set some type of record pace, you are learning the names of the notes.

notes on the 6th string
Notes on the 6th string

Here it is – string number six! Remember this one is a bit of a bonus because the names of the notes are the same as the first string. Only the octave is different.

Practice Out Loud

There is something that happens in our brains when we say things out loud. Learning anything by speaking it is not unique to learning to play guitar. And doing so aids your memory. Improving your note name memory is a wonderful thing to have done as you move forward in your learning to play the guitar journey.


In this lesson, we looked at how you can learn to love to play every guitar note. It involves taking one string at a time, playing the note, allowing it to ring, and audibly saying the name of the note as you do. And with practice, you are finding this easier to do. Because the video is one more learning tool, you have more than one way to review. And the more you repeat this lesson, you notice knowing notes on the guitar is achievable.

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