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The best beginner guitar lesson is the one you take. Being online, that means not just starting, but working all the way through it to completion. One advantage of online lessons is that you can go at your own pace. For people who are busy, sometimes that’s the best approach. Another advantage is that using video you can rewind, replay and review as many times as you like. The most difficult part of online guitar lessons is coming up with the desire to stay with them. Actually, that’s true no matter what your learning preference.

How to hold a guitar

Getting started you can perch it on your right knee assuming you’re right-handed. Hold the guitar close to your body, not at an angle. Sit on a firm chair with no arms, not a couch.

How to hold a pick

The pick is the small plastic tool used to strum the strings on the guitar. Picks are inexpensive and are easy to lose. You might want to have several on hand.

While using a pick is not a requirement, it’s still good to be able to use one. Place the pick between the tip of your first finger and your thumb. Feel free to experiment until it’s comfortable.

There are different styles of picks ranging from thin to thick. We recommend starting with a thinner pick as they are much more forgiving for the beginner player.

How to strum a guitar

Here’s a helpful clue. Try waving your wrist like you’ve got a feather stuck on it and you’re trying to remove it. The idea is to be relaxed, not tense.

How to tune a guitar

There are lots of resources to help with this. Some folks prefer a tuner they can mount onto their guitar neck. Some prefer apps. Either way, all the different devices, and apps have an indicator that lets you know when the individual string is in tune. More often than not, it’s a green light indicating the string is in tune. A red color indicates the string is not in tune.

Here are some apps that can help:

Fender Guitar Tuner



How to name the string notes

the thickest string is the sixth string, the thinnest string is the first string. Frets are steel strips on the fingerboard

How to play first chords

Left hand: think of an egg or an apple in between your hand and the back of the guitar neck. D – G – A are chords in the song Margaritaville. Or Horse With No Name