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Jim Snedeker Music

Welcome to Jim Snedeker Music Lifts You Up – jimsnedekermusic! We’re dedicated to giving you the very best in music that lifts you up. Please reach out if you want to know more!

This is the home page for a blog of articles written by Jim Snedeker. Jim’s interest in music and his 50-plus years of practice and performance have provided him with a large reservoir of experiences. JIm Snedeker Music renews Jim’s training in classical music. He studied summers at Interlochen National Music Camp. That helped to solidify his understanding of music as an amateur expert.

Jim graduated with a degree in Music Education from the Ohio State University. He left that field professionally in the early 80s. Computers seemed like a good field to get into. A 9-month certificate in computer programming was all it took to make the change. But with the internet as a platform and classroom, teaching music became attainable to pursue and develop.

Jim Snedeker Music is now available online. It provides a way for Jim to share his love for music and inspire others as they learn and grow in their appreciation of music. Whether it’s his Youtube channel or his other work listed on allmylinks Jim has been able to keep active with his music for many years.

Jim plays the music that lifts you up. Jim Snedeker Music has come about from a desire to share music that provides encouragement. It may consist of a Bible verse with a melody and accompaniment, or a song from decades ago that always feels good to our memories. Jim’s voice remains his most resilient tool and still offers a soothing touch to life’s uncertain pain.

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