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Midi Musescore – How I share transcribed music

midi musescore
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Midi Musescore – How I share transcribed music is about the steps I take to transcribe music into notes that can be played, printed, and downloaded. I think to view the transcription you will need an account at It’s free and easy to set up.

While there are talented people everywhere who play by ear to the amazement of many, the more you share your music the greater the likelihood that someone will ask for notes on sheet music. Here is one way to provide that using Midi Musescore.

Who Is The Man – Psalm 25 by hear-write-play

Click the arrow key facing right to hear playback. You can also download and print if desired.

Midi Musescore – How I Share Transcribed Music

To begin, open Musescore with your midi keyboard turned on. I had trouble getting started until I realized the midi keyboard must be hooked up before I start Musescore. It won’t work if you plug it in after starting the program.

Next, learn to use the keyboard shortcuts to get your notes into your score. Use the 3 key for sixteenth notes, the 4 key for eighth notes, and the 5 key for quarter notes. This takes a little time to memorize, but it really speeds up the entire transcription process.

Use the midi playback feature to test your work. I usually have to adjust the speed. This is done by selecting the “Play Panel” under the “View” menu. You may need to adjust the volume also. Notice the metronome along the top row. It can come in handy for notating tempo markings on your score. Midi Musescore provides this well.

Lyrics are added using “Command L: on an Apple keyboard. Just use the spacebar to move the cursor to the next word for proper alignment of your lyrics. Chord symbols are added using “Command K” on an Apple keyboard.

To share the transcribed lead sheet, click on the “File” menu, and look for “Save Online”.

Open an account on (if you don’t have one yet). Midi Musescore to the rescue.

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