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MuseScore 4 – Keep Measures Together

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Welcome back! This week – How to keep measures together in a MuseScore score is what I will cover with you.

This is the 5th in a series of tutorial videos on how to use MuseScore. Links to those videos will appear in the description of this week’s video. MuseScore is an open-source tool for music transcription MuseScore 4 has many exciting upgrades.

MuseScore 4 Lead Sheets

Let’s get started:

Open the score. Then click on Help up in the top menu bar. Go to “Search in Handbook”. Type “keep measures together”. Look for “Systems in horizontal spacing”.  Look for “systems break”. Notice “Layout” palette.

Mark measures to keep together.  Hold the Shift key, and click 1st and last measures.

Go to Layout – click “keep measure in same system”  then save your score..

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