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Music That Lifts You Up – Welcome

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music that lifts you up
Jim in his studio

Welcome to music that lifts you up!

My name is Jim Snedeker. I write and play the music that lifts you up – like your own personal elevator. 

I sing, play guitar, piano, drums, bass, various brass, and keyboards, to midi-sequencing, programming, and leading worship. My 20s were spent touring with a contemporary Christian rock band, we called “Daystar”.

Writing songs from Scripture was a wonderful way to get a taste of what would evolve into the modern worship movement. Some refer to this era of church music as the Jesus movement. I prefer to think of it as music that lifts you up.

Some of my most notable educational accomplishments consist of participating in four summer camp programs at Interlochen National Music Camp, near Traverse City, Michigan. I had some great instructors for euphonium, trombone, and guitar.

As a result, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from The Ohio State University. Over the last 50 years, I’ve played the following roles:

  • songwriter
  • multi-instrumentalist
  • singer
  • music educator

Here’s my recently finished EP called “Yesterday Today”. You can listen to it here on Spotify

Here’s the link to purchase:

This is an older recording of original songs called “The Best Is Yet To Come”. Also available to hear no on Spotify.

Do you need help recording your own song? I’m on Fiverr

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