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Musicians: how to increase your performance frequency

increase your performance frequency
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Musicians: how to increase your performance frequency compares and contrasts Busking vs. Open Mics vs. Performing for Money.  These are important options for musicians who are interested in developing their performance-related skills.

Busking – how to increase your performance frequency

Like me, playing music in public may have been a huge part of your life for a long time. You may have played in churches, bars, parties, and on the street. But busking is different. It’s a lot more intimate and you connect with your audience in spontaneous ways too.  I’ve always loved to sing and play instruments, and busking has been a great way for me to have fun and make a little money. 

One of the best parts of being a busker is connecting with people. You get to see the wide range of reactions to your music—from people who stop to listen, to those who just give you a tip and keep moving, to those who stop and engage in conversation. Sometimes you even connect with people who have been passing by but haven’t noticed you until now. Musicians: increase your performance frequency and notice it feels good to be able to make someone else’s day brighter.

It’s a great way to connect with other musicians and audiences, and it’s a lot of fun to play your music for tips. It’s also easy to make money as a busker.  On New Year’s Eve 2022 I made as much as I would playing a paid gig, but sometimes I barely make anything.

Busking on New Year’s Eve

Open Mics – how to increase your performance frequency

Performing at Open Mics near me is a great way to move from the street to an indoor environment that is usually more comfortable.  Prepare 3 songs that you feel best reflect your style or genre.  If possible, memorize the songs you will play.  Engage the audience as naturally as you can.  If they sing along, encourage them.  If they clap make sure you thank them.

Introduce yourself and indicate how the audience can learn more about you.  This might be your social media presence, a YouTube channel, or a website to name a few.  

Although an open mic is not a paying gig, hopefully, your success here will open up connections and opportunities to take that next step, when you feel ready. Open mics offer one way to increase your performance frequency

Open Mic

Performing For Money

The main difference with a paid gig is you know how much you will make for that performance.  Present your best everything since the person who hired you expects professional conduct and behavior. 

Do your best to show up early, set up, and start on time because that’s what is expected when you are getting paid.  You might think of this performance as an audition for future opportunities to perform at the same venue to increase your performance frequency

Be prepared to play for up to 3 hours.  Plan on a couple of short breaks.   Consider providing some recorded music to play during your break.  This helps maintain the vibe that live music brings to a venue.  Generally, you can put out your tip jar, too.

Wrap Up

Either option you chose, keep in mind this is a logical progression to take when you are increasing your performance options. Employing these steps provides clarity to increase your performance frequency.

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