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Play G Minor Pentatonic Jam Track and Feel Great

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Play G minor pentatonic jam track and feel great will help you do just that. The G minor pentatonic scale has 5 notes and lends itself to creating melodic phrases over chords in songs.

This is my 10th lesson for beginning guitar players. We’ve covered strings, notes, and chords. We are wrapping up this 10-lesson curriculum by playing melodic phrases using simple pentatonic, 5-note scales.

Review G Minor Pentatonic scale

Let’s review the notes by name for this scale. Only five notes, we omit only the 2nd and the 6th interval leaving G, Bb, C, D, and F.

G minor pentatonic scale
G MInor pentatonic

Watch your fingering too. If you notice from the video I hold my fingers over the frets and only use the one that is closest to playing the note. This simplifies left-hand learning of the scales and it helps me mentally remember the relationship between finger position and what I expect to hear.

Play Along with the Jam Track for G minor Pentatonic

Follow the chapters in the video to review the scale itself. Then play along when your turn comes up. It’s amazing how 5 notes can provide so many melodic options. Try it on your own. Pause and click on the chapter link to reset the video and try again.

Feeling rushed? Slow down with a metronome. Here’s one to use for your practice without ever leaving your computer. Practice makes permanent. This is not a race. Take the time you need to learn the notes. Nice tone, no buzzes is our goal. Just five minutes of persistence several times a day is all you need to progress. You’ve got this!

Wrap Up G minor Pentatonic

In this lesson, we practiced the G minor pentatonic scale. We used its notes to create melodic phrases and played original music. Using scales to help us form melodic ideas is a foundation for learning more about the guitar and music in general.

Have you worked through all ten lessons from the curriculum? I’d love to give you a certificate of completion as proof of your hard work and perseverance. If you email me at the address in red, I’ll be glad to provide you with your very own personalized and signed Certificate of Completion! Congratulations on your achievement!

completion certificate

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