How To Write A Song Using Scripture

In the blog post I provide 3 variations on how to write a song using scripture. Feel free to watch the video to follow along. First variation is having a theme or a story to tell. Example follows. For this we’ll use verses from a song I wrote using verses from Romans 1:16. 5:8, 5:1.Continue reading “How To Write A Song Using Scripture”

How To Write Your First Blog Entry As A Musician

Introduction Is there anything unique about writing your first blog entry as a musician?  In many ways no.  When you’re starting you need a good model to follow. Let me suggest this blog post as a helpful starting place. Find Your Passion Identifying passion can sound a little mysterious, but it’s not really that difficult.Continue reading “How To Write Your First Blog Entry As A Musician”

How To Write A Song With Established Lyrics

Introduction Writing a song can be approached from many different perspectives.  Sometimes the assignment involves writing the melody after the lyrics have already been established.  The tune must support the words, not the other way around.  While this may appear limiting initially, a little extra work to simplify our task can be just what isContinue reading “How To Write A Song With Established Lyrics”