How To Benefit From Rowing as a Musician

Introduction I don’t know what it is or why, but at the place I workout, there is only a single rowing machine.   Is it just that people have no idea of the benefits of rowing?  Or maybe the link between music and exercise seems more elusive than obtainable.  But musicianship and rowing definitely complementContinue reading “How To Benefit From Rowing as a Musician”

How To Write A Song With Established Lyrics

Introduction Writing a song can be approached from many different perspectives.  Sometimes the assignment involves writing the melody after the lyrics have already been established.  The tune must support the words, not the other way around.  While this may appear limiting initially, a little extra work to simplify our task can be just what isContinue reading “How To Write A Song With Established Lyrics”

We are Not Alone, God Surrounds Us

In Psalm 125 there is a promise handed down through the centuries that we are not alone. We are surrounded. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so God, the same God who surrounded His people Israel centuries ago, surrounds us today. Those who trust in the Lord are are Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, butContinue reading “We are Not Alone, God Surrounds Us”

Slow Down and Increase Your Quality

There is something to be said for going slow. But it’s rarely comfortable and doesn’t bode well for most of us who want to get important goals achieved quickly. But I’d have to say the article posted here – deserves a full read. You should to pause and consider its relevance in our quest toContinue reading “Slow Down and Increase Your Quality”