How I Wrote A Song using Matthew 11 for Lyrics

Why would anyone do this? Songs based on scripture provide an easy way to learn the Bible better.  Sometimes scripture songs for worship have a more transcendent purpose helping people to focus better on God.  Writing Bible memory songs, or scripture songs aids those wanting to achieve scripture memory.  It’s important that scripture tunes supportContinue reading “How I Wrote A Song using Matthew 11 for Lyrics”

3 Reasons Music Helps Us Improve Memory

As long as I can remember I’ve heard people say that scriptures for memorization, or really anything relating to scripture memory was difficult to master.  Being trained as a musician, I wondered if a tune would help.  Although I’m not the first to try or introduce this, I have learned that people CAN learn andContinue reading “3 Reasons Music Helps Us Improve Memory”

Why Memorization Makes You Love Being Smarter

Photo by Fritz Rehde on Unsplash How important is memorization? Memorization trains our brains to remember things. Memorization challenges our brains Learn two verses with a song: easier than you think… Try it! So what do you think? Is it doable? What other things can music help you learn? I’d love for you to comment.Continue reading “Why Memorization Makes You Love Being Smarter”