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The Best Way to Learn How to Play Piano Today

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Play Piano – Are you looking for a great Piano program that actually helps you to sound like a professional right from the start? – then Pianoforall is the right course for you

10 Ways PianoForAll Works!

PianoforAll teaches you how to sound great right from the start.

Would you like to learn to play piano with a program that offers what you need to sound professional right from the start?  If so, Pianoforall is precisely what you need. If you play guitar and you prefer to learn chords before notes and scales this is the piano lesson program for you.

Play Piano – All in one package

Just one purchase includes everything you need to start learning and playing piano today.

Video, text, and sheet music with notes are all included.  This is important because it addresses multiple learning styles.

All piano styles covered – pop, blues, ballads, improvisation, and classical

There are lots of free videos online.  But – only one style is covered because that’s all most learn-to-play programs offer.  With PianoforAll you can learn any style because of the quality of the curriculum and the way it’s presented.

Play by ear and learn to read music at the same time

Rather than starting with scales, PianoforAll starts with chords.  The main advantage is that with chords, your ear training advances more quickly.  This makes the entire piano lesson experience more enjoyable and easier to understand.

Filled with tips and formulas to help you sound great right from the start – Play Piano

One of these tips is that even though there are 88 keys on the piano keyboard, you only have to learn 12 (twelve) notes.  The notes have the same names but different pitches.

Do you ever need to hear and see something more than once in order to understand it? That’s the beauty of a course like this. Just repeat whatever it is you need to hear again without asking your teacher to repeat themselves.

Easy-to-follow, yet comprehensive way to play piano

I am pleased with how easy this program is to navigate.  Yet, it includes everything a new student needs to begin playing and sounding like more than a beginner. The books are easy to navigate and the download is one of the easiest I’ve seen for an online course of this type.

10 clearly laid out ebooks – 600 pages total

That’s a lot of material.  But it’s also well organized and manageable.  Learning one thing at a time, over time will result in skills developed with a proper foundation through repeated practice.

200 videos – over 7 hours total – 500 audio lessons

This program is a complete piano training method.  No other supplemental information is required to learn to play piano. Add the convenience of being able to take a break whenever you want, or try again tomorrow if you’re just plain tired is a wonderful advantage.

The video and audio can be accessed right on the page you are viewing

The video and audio can be accessed right on the page you are viewing so you don’t have to open separate programs.

This is one of its most convenient attributes.  Everything is in one place making learning easier and helping you to focus on learning instead of wasting time on technology.

Instant download or delivered anywhere on a CD-ROM

This program still offers a choice in how you’d like the product delivered.  Flexibility like this is rare. And it’s a great option to have this on CD-ROM when you’re traveling or not able to be online.

Special limited half-price offer now

Hopefully, I’ve answered your questions.  Offers like this don’t last long. You’ve wanted to learn to play piano, but can’t really handle the whole private lesson drama. Why not take advantage of this offer now?!

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