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The Easiest Guitar Tuner You’ll Ever Use

spark guitar tuner
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The easiest guitar tuner you’ll ever use describes how to use an electronic tuner on your guitar.  There are many methods to do so, but the easiest is to use an electronic tuner.

Why is this so important?

Keeping your guitar in tune is a critical skill to learn as a beginner.   One reason to become skilled at tuning your guitar is so that you never get used to practicing or hearing your guitar out of tune.  Practice makes permanent, so the sooner you practice playing in tune, eventually this will become a permanent habit.  Playing in tune is absolutely the easiest way to sound like a pro!

What is the main pre-requisite?

The main pre-requisite is to know the names of the guitar strings.  They are E, A, D, G, B, and E.  

Steps to tune your guitar

Selecting the right tuner makes this an easy job.  I’m using the Snark tuner.  (Full disclosure: if you purchase one from this page, I earn a small commission, which helps me keep posting articles.)

Why do I recommend the Snark? It’s easy to read.  Its face has lines on the left that show the pitch is too low.  And the lines on the right show the pitch is high.  AND it’s accurate!

Step 1: Using the clip, fasten the tuner to the headstock of your guitar.

Step 2: Press the button on the tuner face to turn it on.  If nothing happens, check below for how to maintain your tuner.

Step 3: Play an open string on your guitar.

Step 4: Check where the lines are moving.  The Center is on the pitch.  On my tuner, this center section has a blue color signifying the string is in tune.

How to maintain your tuner

On the back of the tuner toward the bottom is a little cover.  Behind it is the 3V battery with the number “2032” on it, similar to what powers a watch.

Wrap Up

Want to sound like a pro?  Make sure your guitar is in tune.  Use the Snark tuner and you’ll see it’s the easiest guitar tuner you’ll ever use.

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