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We are Not Alone, God Surrounds Us

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we are not alone
Photo of Jerusalem by Robert Bye

We are not alone.

We are not alone. In Psalm 125 there is a promise handed down through the centuries. We are surrounded. First intended for Israel, now to be applied to anyone who believes in God’s eternal plan.

Those who trust in the Lord are as Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people,

from this time forth and forever.

The Bible

I include this video. It’s a tune I wrote to compliment this promise. For those who believe that world events are not just happenstance or circumstances with no order, God offers us hope. He has a plan to glorify Himself at the end of time. He will set up His kingdom which will be unlike anything the world has ever experienced. We are not alone.

There will be peace

When God completes His plan, Jesus, the Messiah, will come at last to rule. His domain will have no end. His reign will be one of justice, not man’s version, but a perfect, pure and right version. This is the hope of all who trust Him to be true to His promises.

We Have His Word

God’s word is not like man’s word. He does not have selfish motives, but rather, His love is perfect. We are not alone. So, remember as you watch the video, God said these things. You can finally find hope in Him and His promises.

We are not alone


I am not a theologian. I am just one of millions who have come to know we are not alone, God surrounds us. What do you think?

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