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Play Beatles Covers – Exactly Why I Keep Singing Them

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Why I do Beatles covers
Iain Macmillan captures the Beatles crossing the street outside of their Abbey Road studio. 

I play Beatles covers. Here’s one of my favorite Beatles covers just released. It’s a great example of why I do Beatles covers. The melody is beautiful to listen to and timeless in its appeal.

Play Timeless Melodies

I play Beatles covers. It’s hard to grasp the number of timeless melodies the Beatles have written. What makes them timeless is they are as fresh today as they were 50 years ago. Their songwriting prowess cannot be contested when one considers the number of tunes the average person can recognize as Beatles’ hits. It’s easy to make a song sound new again when the melody is memorable and singable. So, one reason I enjoy covering Beatles songs is that their melodies are timeless.

Wonderful Memories – Play Beatles covers

Most of the songs the Beatles wrote were during a season of my life when music and life events were pretty much woven into each other, like a quilt. Remembering what I was doing when I first heard “Yesterday” or “And I Love Her” brings pleasant feelings that the future was bright and life was good. Wanting to offer people music that lifts them up, playing Beatles covers is a winning strategy.

Beatles Music is Popular

Google any Beatles song name and you’ll see lots of views or search hits. As a content creator, leveraging a topic’s popularity enhances my own chances of having you find and follow my content. Popular songs have important characteristics that make re-doing them fun for the artist too. Plus, little differences can be added that help establish an artist’s signature sound while providing entertainment and a much-needed lift to someone’s day. So, I play Beatles covers.

Here’s my latest Beatles cover song. How’d I do?

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